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Getting married is an exciting time for you and your partner, with so many things to think about and so many decisions to make. If you have discussed a pre-nuptial agreement, then your pre-wedding checklist should include a visit to a solicitor to discuss and complete this. It is important that you are both clear about what this agreement means for you and when it will apply.

The basic premise of a pre-nuptial agreement is to determine how to divide your assets in the event that you do split up in the future.

Even if you are already married, you can still make a nuptial agreement known as a post nuptial agreement.

Whatever your situation, you can rely on Avenue Solicitors to provide you with clear and uncompromising advice.

What Is Included in the Agreement?

There are no hard and fast rules about what should go into your nuptial agreement, but you both need to discuss this in detail, well in advance of your marriage and of making the agreement. If there is any indication of the decision to make an agreement being anything other than careful and considered, it may subsequently be challenged and can be deemed invalid.

You will need to work with us to ensure that your requirements will work within the law. There is little point in having a nuptial agreement that is unlikely to be enforceable, so we will work with you to draft it so that your needs are met, and the agreement remains valid.

Why Choose Avenue Solicitors?

Avenue Solicitors specialise in family law and can provide you with the help and advice you need to arrange your prenuptial or post nuptial agreement.

Some of the discussions that take place when making an agreement can be sensitive, but you should not feel worried or concerned about having these discussion with us. We offer the highest levels of confidentiality to ensure that you are comfortable with the process.

Legal Costs

We offer all family law clients an Initial 15-minute telephone Discussion at no charge, to talk about your situation and to explain how we may assist you and offer you advice on how to proceed. This provides you with the opportunity to discuss your matter with with us and ask any questions or queries you might have and be clear about the process of making your agreement and how much it will cost. Our pricing is completely transparent with no hidden extras.

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To find out more about making a nuptial agreement, please call our experienced family law team on 0800 014 8575 or 0203 540 7665. Or if you would prefer to get in touch online, please Make An Online Enquiry  to arrange an initial 15 minute Agreements Review at no charge and we’ll be in contact soon.