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Fixed Fee Divorce

At Avenue Solicitors as of the 1st April 2018 we are now offer a fixed fee divorce for an undefended divorce/civil partnership dissolution. We charge a fixed price of £950 plus VAT plus the Court Divorce Issue Fee of £550.00, allowing you to keep control of your legal costs whilst your case is taken care of from start to finish by our family law specialists with over 20 years’ experience.

For our fixed price divorce, your case will be treated as “undefended” this is when your spouse responds to the petition, confirming his or her agreement to the divorce by completing and returning an acknowledgement of service form, having received it by post from the court.  However, in any other situation, for example, a defended Divorce or a failure to acknowledge the Petition, we will provide clear costs estimates based on the likely timescales and work involved.

Unless you qualify for an exemption there will be a fee of £550 payable to the court when your divorce papers are filed. In more complex cases there may be additional court fees or disbursements payable for example, personal service is required, this would be a separate and an additional cost from the fixed fee arrangement. Our legal advisors will advise you on whether it is appropriate to seek a full or partial contribution to these costs from your former spouse/civil partner.

If there are financial or children matters to resolve, then these would need to be dealt with separately from the Divorce proceedings and a separate cost estimate in respect of these matters will be provided depending upon your own unique circumstances.

At Avenue Solicitors we offer a 15-minute Divorce review telephone call at no charge to assess your case and to enable us to establish how we can assist you. To arrange an appointment for a 15-minute Divorce Review telephone call please contact us on 0203 3540 7665 or send an email to sjoshi@avenuesolicitors.com