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Solicitors for wills in London (Ealing)

Making a Will is one of the most important things you will ever do. It is really very important to protect your loved ones and at the same time ensure that your wishes are carried out after you die.

It doesn’t matter how big or small your estate is, a Will can assist your family in so many ways after your death. If you don’t make a Will, you cannot be sure that your estate will go where you wish and your family may be exposed. This might sound dramatic, but nearly 70 per cent of the UK population don’t have a Will and the impact on the family you leave behind can be serious.

Our solicitors can help you to draft your Will and ensure that it is legal and valid so it will not be open to challenge after you die. Contact us today on 0800 014 8575 for more information.

Why Make A Will?

There are many compelling reasons to make a Will. If you have children and both you and your partner die, it is vitally important that you make provision for them. This includes leaving details about who you want to be their legal guardian until they are 18, and details of any assets for them, such as your house. You can place this in trust for them so they can continue to live there until they reach 18 and then either sell it or keep it, depending on their requirements.

If you die without leaving a Will there is a real possibility that your children could be placed into care whilst a judge decides who they should live with, which is not an ideal situation for any child, especially not one who has just lost their parents.

Dying without a Will can cause a headache for the people you leave behind. There are strict laws that come into play when you die intestate (without a Will) and the process is complicated and lengthy. Intestacy laws may mean that not all of your estate is left to your family and your spouse could be left in financial hardship as a result.

Making a Will means that you have a say about where your estate goes. If you want to leave some money to a charity, or you want your grandchild to have a particular item from your estate then you can leave instructions and this will happen. A Will gives you final control over your estate.

Updating An Existing Will

It is important to recognise that once you make your Will, you need to ensure that it remains up to date. You will need to change your Will if you have an important life event such as getting married, divorced or having children. We can offer you the advise you need to ensure that your Will remains current and up to date at all times.

Why Choose Avenue Solicitors?

Our Will drafting service is clear, jargon free and easy to understand with an outline of how much it will cost right at the start. Our expertise in this area of law allows us to tailor your Will to your exacting requirements giving you a completely bespoke service.

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